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Music History 1960s

History taught you that the 60s reminds the world of a decade dominated by the Vietnam War, Cold War, Cuban missile crisis; Assassinations of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King and Civil Rights and riots.

In terms of space history, it was the era which took the space race to new heights as Neil Armstrong had landed on the moon.

For the Fashion freaks it was the time of miniskirts, leather boots, Paisley shirts, velvet trousers and the age of the hippies. Britain may never forget they brought home the soccer world cup in the sixties. But the music history recollects that the 1960s catered to a generation of young people in a way that had never occurred before.

When in 1964 a music band made their debut on the Ed Sullivan Show in New York, there were 50000 requests for seats in a studio that held only 703 people.

Approximately, 73 million television viewers watched them perform and being the music rage in the history of United States. That music band was none other than The Beatles, still ranked 1 among Top 100 Greatest artists of All Time.

The other remarkable bands and artists during the period of sixties were The Rolling Stones, The Animals and The Who, The Beach Boys, The Drifters, Mamas and the Pappas, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan etc.

The timeline of events of 1960s records the happening of music festivals intended for cultural development and social reform. Various bands and artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Who and Otis Redding performed at The Monterey International Pop Festival.

But the biggest hit of the sixties music festival was the Woodstock Arts and music festival also known as the Summer of Peace and Love. Half a million people showed up at the festival to witness the growth of concert technology which contributed towards the Sixties music hits.

The 1960s music history is not complete without mentioning the end of rock n roll and the beginning of pop and rock music. In the 60s which was considered as a time of depression the rock music lifted the spirits of the people.

The roots of rock hits in sixties are traced to several places and the main pockets of early pop were The East Coast Doo Wop, The R & B and Soul, Dick Dale and the Del-tones and Motown.

The sixties pop music also saw the invention of psychedelia, funk, gospel, album oriented soul, punk, heavy metal, country and folk. Truly, the classical ages of rock are the sixties.

The sixties have created ground breaking artists not just in rock. The rise of popular music bands and television as the foremost form of entertainment had made a musician to form a revolutionary quartet by utilizing various aspects of jazz in the 60s.

The 1960s music history is indeed rich in innovative artists who struggled to continue through hardships to create their own style in the history of music. The music history of the 60s established by these artists must have now reminded you of latest top rock songs and downloading free 60s music, rock oldies and kids pop music.

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